Virat Industries Ltd (VIL), is a Public Limited Company, quoted on the Indian Stock Market. VIL manufactures excellent quality socks for export mainly to the European markets. The Company started its operations in 1995 and has successfully completed more than two decade in Socks business. The socks are manufactured on the latest computerized electronic knitting machines by Lonati and Matec, Italy and KTM, Korea supported with balancing equipment from Spain and other European markets. 

At Virat Industries, we strive to be widely regarded as among the best sock manufacturers in India. Among India hosiery product manufacturers we stand out because we provide a wide array of products, including cotton casual socks, the best sport socks India has to offer and more. We’re proud to be a top children sock exporter in India and among the top Indian sock exporters for every product type.

Humbly serving clients like you since 1995, we’re a public limited company that makes everything on computerized electronic knitting machines to exacting standards that exceed industry recommendations. The proof is in the quality. If you’re looking for a cotton socks manufacturer to meet your needs -- or a maker of any kind of socks -- Virat Industries is the Indian socks exporter for you. Working with us is a smart decision you’ll never regret because we hold our products, our methods and our clients in high esteem.

Production capacity is normally based on size, design and style of socks. As per the prevalent pattern of production, the production capacity of VIL is estimated at 8.7 million pairs per annum. 

The factory was designed and engineered by Gherzi Textil Organisation, Switzerland and their Associates Gherzi Eastern Ltd, Mumbai, India. VIL commenced production in November 1995. The project cost was around Rs. 85 million.